Corporate & Commercial

Corporate law is one of our core practices. As one of the core practices of the firm, we have experience and assist clients in a wide range of commercial activities for corporate entities, including:

  • company formations
  • joint ventures
  • start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses
  • business acquisitions
  • legal due diligence
  • regulatory compliance
  • company secretarial services
  • contract reviews & negotiations
  • financing & security interests

Foreign Investment

Andrian Law Practice has extensive experience in providing legal services to international clients on establishing a presence in Indonesia, via foreign-invested companies (PMA) or representative offices.

We liaise with public officials at Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) on our client’s behalf. We work for foreign companies of various sizes and industries, helping them understand the existing legal framework of Indonesia and protect their interests under such a system. We pride ourselves on our achievement of assisting our clients to mitigate the risk of emerging market in Indonesia and helping them achieve their investment targets.

Energy & Natural Resources

Indonesia is a country with an abundance of natural resources. We have the experience and the knowledge to advise national and multinational energy and natural resources companies, including oil & gas, geothermal, mining and plantation companies, on all relevant issues associated with their project operations in Indonesia. This includes issues such as acquisition of interest, explorations, project developments, exploitations, land acquisitions, construction, procurement, environmental and forestry, health and safety regulations, and local government matters. We also assist clients in the review and negotiations of joint operating agreements, production sharing contracts (PSC), joint operation contracts (KSO), drilling contracts, and oilfield product and service contracts.

Real Estate

We handle a broad spectrum of commercial property work. We have been involved in the areas of:

  • land titles under Indonesian agrarian law
  • buying, selling and leasing of property in connection with various businesses
  • development of commercial, residential and industrial property
  • construction and civil engineering

In particular, Andrian Law Practice represents both landlords and tenants in all types of leasing transactions, including space leases, land leases, subleases, and other structured transactions involving leases, ranging from office buildings, industrial facilities, corporate headquarters, department stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.


In Indonesia, the relationship between employer and employee is constantly evolving. Understanding your obligations and rights can minimize conflicts and increase efficiency.

At Andrian Law Practice, we help our clients understand their legal obligations and protect their interests. We are knowledgeable in all relevant aspects of the current labor regulatory environment. We assist clients in the drafting and formulation of company regulations, collective labor agreements, employment contracts, and various internal human resource policies.

Dispute Resolution

Doing business in emerging markets such as Indonesia is both rewarding and challenging, and while deals progress smoothly, there are occasions when disputes arise in relation to various matters. We are experienced in assisting clients with commercial litigation. We provide analysis and opinions on potential litigation outcomes and strategies. We also draft court papers at all stages of litigation.

When appropriate, we will pull together a team of individuals with skills tailored to the client’s particular case needs. We can and do readily contract and associate with other counsel, experts, investigators, and skilled assistants. These individuals come from a dynamic list of other independent professionals and are selected according to suitability for the particular case or client need. This allows us to assemble the most effective “team” for each case when it would help achieve maximum results.

Legal Translation

Roy Andrian is a sworn translator appointed by the Governor of Jakarta in 2008.

In Indonesia, it is a legal requirement to use Indonesian language in written contracts to which an Indonesian company or individual is a party. Therefore, to comply with this requirement it is important that all of your contracts involving an Indonesian entity be made in Indonesian language or you have them translated into Indonesia language if they are originally made in English.

Translation of legal documents is not a simple task, however. Absolute accuracy is called for because mistranslation of a passage in a legal document may lead to lawsuits and loss of money.

That’s why our translation service promises precision, attention to detail, confidentiality, and timely delivery of your translated documents. We understand that your contracts, legal correspondences, memorandums, litigation documents, evidentiary papers — all your legal translations — have to be perfect because your reputation and ours are at stake.

Our experience in translating legal documents includes translation of various contracts, court documents (statement of claim, defence, reply, rejoinder, judgment, etc), laws and regulations (acts, decrees), and legal memorandums.

In addition to legal translation services, we offer legal interpreting services for court hearings and trials, police summons, bilingual meetings and negotiations, and more. We understand foreign cultures and business etiquette — valuable skills for face-to-face interpreting.

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